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"Is Your Body A Mystery?" gives you a straightforward explanation of some common medical problems, by giving you insight into the condition and confidence in helping to resolve it.


All too often, advice generates fear rather than shedding light on a problem - for instance, the phobia of fever is still widespread, despite plenty of evidence to say that there's no reason to fear a fever. In fact, often draconic measures are advised such as stripping the child, putting them in a bath, put a fan on them; things you would never do to yourself! In the chapter on fever it is explained how to care for your child rather than make it uncomfortable.

"As a doctor in general practice and having worked in the psychiatric service, helping people to overcome drug- and alcohol problems, I noticed that what people in general present the doctor with is commonly due to circumstances in their life.

When life is not balanced then all sorts of symptoms can develop, for example acute conditions such as low back pain, headaches, hyperventilation and indigestion. Furthermore, later in life, chronic diseases can develop if there is a persistence of the problem.

Medicine can not cure these chronic diseases but can only offer symptomatic treatments. At the same time there is often only symptomatic relief for acute illnesses.

In a lot of cases, stress is a contributing factor. So, giving attention to help to remedy this is important.

Having an understanding of certain symptoms gives confidence and helps to reduce stress. So, here it is, some practical prophylaxis!

The secret is that not outside circumstances create your life but how you react to them." Dr. Wouter Havinga

The following medical topics are discussed in this book

The common cold
Inflammation and infection
Fever and asthma
Potentized remedies will be introduced as used in anthroposophical and homeopathic medicines.
The circulation system, breathing system and the nervous system are also discussed here and placed in a more worldly context.
Effects of alcohol, and of opiates such as heroin are dealt with along with possible treatment solutions.
Childhood illnesses like measles, mumps, rubella and scarlet fever are not examined separately, but general information is given in a chapter on childhood fever.

Note: Tropical diseases like malaria and dengue fever are not within the scope of this book.

At the end of each chapter you will find references for further reading, covering books and articles from medical journals.

This book aims to help people understand their condition, rather than feel uncomfortable with it. It is the hope that, alongside this understanding, there comes a renewed sense of wonder. By showing how human beings interconnect with the world at large, I hope to inspire in you a reverence for the natural processes of the body, whether it is 'well' or 'unwell'.



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